Pilates refreshes your mind and body with the help of some non-strenuous workout. Since, it focuses on proper breathing techniques and instructs on maintaining a correct posture and pelvic alignment, you would be able to learn about the correct body posture and the importance of maintaining one. One can easily learn to control body movements and follow a proper breathing schedule. Remember that proper breathing is extremely essential to reduce stress. It is the best way to build strength without attaining those bulky muscles. Bulky muscles have more tendencies to succumb to injuries. Pilates help in strengthening, lengthening muscles, enhancing muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

Regular practice would help you developing a flat abdomen and a strong back. Within few weeks of practice, you would feel enhancement in your joint mobility, flexibility and following a better posture.


Since both Pilates and Yoga offer immense benefits to health, it is difficult to come to a conclusion on which of these body fitness systems is the better. However, the decision entirely depends on an individual and the body frame he or she possesses. What suits a particular person may not suit you, in the same manner.

Making a choice between the two would also depend on the targets you have set for yourself. In case, you are looking for a fitness program that offers you a longer and leaner line, Pilates would be the best option for you and if you are looking for an exercise that would condition your mind and body, yoga is the perfect choice for you.

Doing them both in conjunction would be a better choice. Use the right equipment to maximise your workout. You can easily enjoy the benefits of both the forms of exercises. Try getting the stretch from yoga and strengthen your abdominals via Pilates.

Try learning the breathing techniques of Pilates and the meditative spirit of yoga and you would definitely experience the relief from stress in your daily life and hectic routine.

In a nutshell, both are beneficial for health and compliments each other. None of the physical fitness system has negative or side effects on the body, if performed correctly. The benefits of both methods have been alluring many people towards them and millions of people, across the globe have already practiced these exercise and benefited from them. You need to look out for an option that would suit your specific requirements and schedule.

Pilates and yoga have been introduced to offer relief and provide a better health to human body.