Joani St Cliere

My name is Joani St Cliere and in my teens I was a passionate dancer, I studied dance discipline in ballet, tap, modern and jazz to Grade 5.  However my desire to perform was overcome by the need to support myself financially.  Having left school with 9GCSE’s and 3A Levels, it was time to use my brain as well as my body!  I took a degree in Fashion Marketing and Business Studies, I supported myself through college by working as a fashion model and dancing for night clubs.

I worked as a Buyer and a Fashion Designer in the head offices of several main fashion companies including Selfridges, Top Shop and Principles until I had my first daughter.  I realised that for me the pressure of a highly demanding job which required long working hours and overseas travel was impossible to juggle with a small baby, I was working a mimimum of fourteen hour days each week and was thoroughly miserable.  Throughout my office job days I had continued to dance and exercise and decided that I would train to teach others something I felt truly passionate about.

When Jasmine was six months old I trained to become an aerobic and fitness instructor – it was the best decision I ever made!  During the following year I started my Health Related Fitness Degree with ACSM.  I continued my education by studying to teach Yoga, Pilates, Ante and Post Natal, Martial Arts (TaeBo), GrooveFX and a variety of other forms of exercise and fitness. During this busy time I also gave birth to Amber, which made my family complete!  I finally had found the job I always wanted. Although my very first class was held in a grotty village hall and consisted of six people, including my mum and two sisters, I was happy! I was finally doing what I wanted to do and the classes moved from strength to strength. I gradually built up my teaching portfollio, my dream was to be able to offer a comprehensive timetable of classes in the Essex area.

That was all long time ago…… I now teach full time and I simply love what I do, I feel very lucky to be in this position. My work and family life is now in a healthy balance for me.  I currently teach 22 regular classes per week, working mainly for myself but I also work as a presenter at two local fitness clubs.  I cannot imagine a life without teaching, so have no intention of retiring in the long term future. I have worked for many different clubs in my time and have also worked as studio co-ordinator in four clubs, but time and experience have made me aware that there is, I believe, nothing like working for yourself!

I recently qualified as a Level 4 Back Pain Specialist, and am only one of six specialists at level four in the industry!  I am also a fully registered Personal Trainer, and Level3 Studio Professional. I am in my final year of Advanced Yoga Training. I am also a fully qualified Assessor and Verifier for the NVQ exams and I recently graduated with honors for my BAhons Degree in Learning, Research and Technology!  I endeavour to learn and develop my existing skills on a daily basis.  I tend to work overseas during August and have so far been offered a teaching post every August, and my family get to come on holiday too!  This summer I was teaching at an Ayurvedic health spa in Sri Lanka!

During my spare time, I continue to learn how to play the piano, and am now considering studying for my Masters.  My favourite things in the world are my two beautfiful and talented daughters: Jasmine and Amber but am also very partial to fine Champagne and Chocolate and King Prawns, in that order of course!

Please email if you have any questions…..I’d love to hear from you!